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3rd Class

1st Class


Spanish American War


1907 Remington, w/
war relic encl., View

1898, Worcester, MA, Forehand Arms, gem, View

1905, revolutionary cannon; Pitts.rifle match on UX28, View

Three pistols on GPCs, View

Clev. rifle on UX12,; #319 camp images; antique pistols, View

Phila derringer; #206, Sacramento rifle;1915 Ilion, NY rifle/multi, View

1926 Flint MI hunting dog; 1905 rifle, View

Phila. shop cc; "Parker" rifle, View

#854, antique pistol, View

#901, Toy Gun Bank, View


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Buildings on GPCs, View

Buildings on PPCs, View

3rd Class


#206, Holcomb's Telephone, encl., View

Generic teacher addr re:school supplies, encl., View

Boston Scale mfgr, #114, content, View

Gem saw ads, #206, Phila., View

"Mammoth Oil Painting",
broadside/promo, #206, View

NY Chair mfgr, #156, content, View

NY Pens mfgr, #156, content, View

VT "Water Wheel", #156, content, View

Two washing/soap circulars, View

Richmond Clothing mfgr, #156, content, View

"Agriculturist", #206, content, NYC, View

Hatcher, #206, content, MA DPO, View

#279 on: Junk Mail "collar" & #230 on ad from press "clipper", View

#279 on "Saloon Fixtures & Billiard Tables" ad, View

#279 on lovely Cincinnati machine ad, View

#279, MI, vehicle fold-out, View

#303, MA illus music env, View

 1st Class

Large overall image of bumble bee on 1894 ad, View

Pig image on 1900 SD ad, w/content, View

#324, MA Flag/decorator, content, View


Two diff. Grant Campaign Covers, View

Bryan campaign; Lincoln trade card, View

Findley, OH centennial PPC, View

Spanish American War Patriotics

#279, Wall Paper ad, View

#279, Humorous fold-out card, Oyster ad, View

Lovely Cuban Flag,

America & Cuban Flag, Carriage ad, View

#285, Adm. Dewey
& flags, View

#285, Eagle & The Maine, View

#286, flags, View

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