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B.O.B., Express, Auxiliary, Unusual Markings



C4, C5, Honolulu - GA, View

C10, on 13ct air-sea-air rate cover to Germany, View

#692(solo) pays sea-air rate to Sweden, View

C11 (Pr), #635 pay 5ct sea + 4ct US air supp + 4ct London air supp to Germany, View

C30, 807, NYC - Russia, RTS, View

#927 (Florida), 1945 air from Marine Scout Bombing Sqdn, View

See more airs at "New Stuff" and WWII pages

Auxiliary Markings 

19th Century Auxiliary                                                                                       

1828, very early (brass) hdstp, Woodstock, CT, View

#65 Louisville, KY – Advertised, View
#289 on U350, Registered to Germany, forwarded to Switz, Triple DLO, View

#319 on three AUX covers, View

UY4 un-severed, Phila, w/ large pointing hand, View

    WW1 Auxiliary Markings

    PPCs, one with battleship deck,  View

    PPC, CA-S. Africa, "received in Bad Condition", View

    YMCA, Siberia, Vladivostock image, View

    Vladivostock (via Red Cross), RPO-Seattle, F'w'd-Tokyo, Japan due H/S, this was part of the troop returning from Siberia in 1920, View

    1918, IA-Belgian Congo, censor, View

    #437, "Opened by Military Censor. Petrograd', View

    Two Naval Censors, View

    'US Naval Forces on Foreign Service', OX18x2, Brindisi content, View

    Montana-Montengro, Italian censor, View

    1917, MA-Rome, censored, View

    NJ-Holland, censored there, View

20th Century Auxiliary

Brooklyn, 1911, Miscellaneous DLO, View

1912, "Via Pennsylvania Special", View

Port Jefferson, NY, SD "clock" pmk used as killer,  View

Berkeley, CA, 1917, Reg., "RR Requested, Deliver to Addressee Only", Both Free, View

#632Blk, SF-Auckland, RTS, not due, View

1926, SF-Shanghai (RFP), "Army Navy YMCA Clock" receiver, View

Franking mess in Detroit, "Not in SD or Air", View

C27, 28, OR-NZ, containing '46 WX mult., RTS, View

#1995, NM, "G" stamp, Damaged in Handling, Postage Verified, View

Jamaica, 1966 (Royal Visit) -Chicago, "Supposed to Contain Matter Prohibited...", View

Redirected Mail


Unusual: GB-Freeport, PA, via Portland-Missent to Freeport, ME

Missent/Fw'd - X3

Missent/Fw'd - X3a

Missent/Fw'd - X3b

#11, forwarded at International Hotel, Niagara Falls, View

3 Nesbitts, View

#26 Fwd'd at Saratoga Springs, NY, View

From Geneva (NY Depr. currency) to IN, Fwd'd there to Reynolds, IN, View

Seattle penalty to La Push, WA to Ft Leavenworth, RTS, View

#210, ad cover, "Forwarded", View

1899, Sp Am War: East Orange, NJ - NYC - Mil Sta #1, Manila - Chicago, RTS, View

U58, Phila Sta G to USS Oceola @ Hampton Roads, Fwd from OPC to Navy Yard/NYC, View

Entire from India, RFD forwarding, View

W/ Foreign Use:

UY4 (intact), NYC-MA-Paris (due) -Baden Baden,  View

2ct entire, Boston drop -Paris (#272 added, weight over 1/2 oz.) - very unusual rate combo, View

Two covers: Treaty to France via London & direct (forwarded), w/ dues, #528A, #583, View

1931, Atlantic City - NYC - Paris (French dues) - Lausanne (Swiss Dues) - RTS (US due), View

1929, #599, Oakland - NYC (missed boat) - Marseilles (French dues) -RTS, View

1926, #634, SC - PA - Paris (french dues) - Italy (Italian dues) - RTS, View


2ct 4th bureau, Short Paid (there was no treaty rate) to:  Aruba (Local Due); Switz (local Due), View

#443 coil, PPC to Sweden, underpaid and due/label. View
J15 w/ unusual h/s, Saratoga Springs, NY, View

UX18, w/ photo attached assessed 4ct due (J39x2), View

J159(Blk 4), E15 on BRM , Unusual, View

J23, #230pr on ME ad cover, View

#270, Phila - Germany, RTS, unusual DLO pointing hand, View

#280, 289, Norfolk - Vienna, DLO, View

U350, Braddock, PA - Transylvania, returned with DLO pointing hand, View

Express Covers

Gregory's Express Marking, Scarce on Incoming Mail              

Browns Express
, rare. View

Gregory's Express,
incoming markings. View

Gregory's Express, two diff., nice examples, View

Two on U18:Unusual WF frank;Langton's, View

Unusual: WF label/Hollister, View

Unusual: Northern Pacific Express, 2 x San Fran., View

Pacific Express/Grass Valley, #10A, View

Wells Fargo, Suison; Adams (Stampless) Sacramento; San Fran, View

"The C.O & C & PP Express/St Joseph", Platt City, MO, View

Pioche, NV, Wells Fargo. View

Virginia City, N.T., Wells Fargo, missent. View

Wells Fargo, Austin, NT, View

Wells Fargo, Mexico, nice markings, View

Carriers & Locals

LO2, #11, VF, View

American Letter Mail, NYC- Phila, forwarded by same Co., View

5L2, PFC, View

(Carrier), Free Frank, View

(Blood's), #10, View

15L14, (Blood's), Free Frank, View

(Blood's), Emb Adv cc, View

20L7, (Boyd's), #10, View

20L7, (Boyd's), Mourning Cover, View

(Swarts), #11, View

(West Town), View

"6 1/4" h/s, View

Official & Labels

OXA2, #210, IL - VT, View

OX8 on RR cvr, Green Pointing Hand, View

OX11 on U350, Bethlehem, PA w/ "Bumble Bee" label, View

O17, O27(unused); two covers, View

O18, Adj. Gen; O85, Surg. Gen, View

O74, 75, unusual: no fee for treasury Dept. Registry, View

O75, Auditor for POD, View

O97, 99, Salina, KS, 1884, View

O116, NYC,  Miss River Comm., View

PM in CDS, M.O.B. Arkansas, x2, View

Penalty, PO, nice Harrisburg, View

Penalty, "...Stolen Money Order Forms", Northampton. MA, View

Penalty, DLO Ambulance: "Due 70cts", View

Penalty, USS Arkansas/Navy Yard/Phila, View

Penalty, DC, 1884, Smithsonian/Bureau, #206, 7, View

Penalty, Lynn, MA, 1886, lovely M.O.B. markings, View

Eagle Penalty, F1, Juneau, AK-Seattle, RTS, View

#236 on Penalty, Reg-Seattle, RTS, View

Penalty, USS Arkansas/Navy Yard/Phila, View

Two: Navy Dept.; DC Yard, View

UO7, Clifton Springs, NY, View

UO72a-Error, View

UZ2, 4, 5, all Columbus, OH, View

Circulars, Wrappers, 3rd Class

Experimental P-B Meter, Chicago, View

4 meters pay for Milwaukee tag, View

1847 printed circular, View

#183 on unusual wrapper, View

#210 pays newspaper rate-GB, View

#210 on W120, paying triple rate to Germany, View

#206 on Phila ad cover to Baden, View

#214 pays triple wrapper rate, View

#405, 416 on W405, 12 x rate to Germany, View

Post and Postal Cards

Post Cards

Niagara Falls images, forwarded vie GB-Geneva; #300, HFP due to illegal legend: "POSTAL CARD", #279 added, View

1902, France-Buffalo, forwarded (aux), View

#323, St Louis Expo, 1904, card opens revealing exotic fan!, View

#264 on 'illegal' "Special Circular Card", View

#279 , machine: "Mail Delayed in Arrival 2 Hours", View

#398, DCDS: "Advertised", La Crosse, WI, View

GB-Spokane, DCDS: "Advertised", View

1923 MT: J45 accepted on Movie Projector prom., View

#632, "Sent to Quarantine", View

#300 on PPC:

NYC: "Notice of Detention", View

NYC: "Forwarded on receipt of Postage..." in red, View

MA: 3 diff, AUX, View

Mahakona, HI-Newton, MA aux, View

Lynn, MA: "...carrier time limit"; NYC: "Received in Bad Condition", View

Waterloo, IA, nixie clerk applied env. over card, View

1909: Ad for PPCs, Gloversville, NY; PA: boxed - "Advertised", View

1909: Chicago, T-Cummins, two color aux, View

Wash-Frank on PPCs:

1909: Malvern, IA, underpaying rate due to message over on right, View

1909, Huey, PA written in code, View

1909, Troy, NY, lovely ad for roses, View

1909, Mich, "Missent" on lovely Danforth card, View

1909, "Forwarded by RFD Carrier"; VA Beach, "NO Response", View

Oregon, 1910, "Missent" with two unusual PM images, View

Phila, 1910, boxed: "...Night Force", View

CA: "REGISTERED"-by mistake; to Mont Alto, PA "Not in (quarantine) Camp",  View

Cleveland, '11: "Delayed"; San Fran.: two aux; Grand Rapids, "Not Home, No Place to Receive Mail", View

Prexie-Modern on PPCs

#899, "Received Without Postage"; #802, "No Such Address", unusual PM image, View

C34, to Canary Isl, '58, View

C62, Guam to Nairobi, '68, View

C63(2), 1058, due 3ct-undersized, View

C72, to Belgium, due 7ct-in error, View

#1038 from Kwajalein Isl, View

#1035, 1034, Austin, TX, mute, CDS: Received w/o Pmk, View

#1581, Guam-Guam, J92 strip, prec: Agana, View

Postal Cards

#134 on UX3, View

#156 on UX5, Fancy Local Phila RPO-Germany, View

UX27, Dec 7, 1941, Tulsa, OK, View

UX27, FDC dealer solicitation, DC, 1935, View 

UX27, "Called out to Carriers", View

#803pr on UY16r to Korea, View

GB 2d pr on UY15r (apparently denied), View

#1030pr on UY16r  from Gilbert & Ellice Isl, View

Hammarskjold, #2457 (denied-reused) on UX28, Due 10, View

#1030blk, 1031 on UX49 attempted use in France, Due 10, View

Special Delivery

From the Markovits collection:

Two "forerunners" View

Fairfax CH (VA), 1847 w/ "Uncle Sam, ...please convey without loss or delay...", View

E1, E3 on U293, two items, View

E2, NYC label-non-delivery
, View

E2 on bag, w/#271, 272, 275 paying 8 lb. 4th class, View

#319 strip6, on U395, no SD endorsement, View

E3, addr Senate, unusual receiver, View

E5.line of color.var., View

E5, label: ordinary mail disclaimer, View

E6, Mourning,
CT, View

E6, UX18, RPO, NY, View

E6, #319, nice Memphis Hotel cc (black history), View

E6, #319, Chicago, Missent to Providence, View

E6, #319, PPC/Telegram, unusual, View

E7, Daytona, FL, View

1910, #332a bklt pays SD + 1st. Dallas Hotel ad, View

E8, Q1, Chicago PPC, View

E8, Glitter on PPC-not caught, View

E10 Jumbo, Auburn, IN, View

E11, C5 (two zones), View

E12, #383 paste-up, View

1923, #498x6, "Duties Performed, No Keys" View

1925, E6, C6, Phila-SF, View

1927, #627 blk6, MN precancel, AUX: "delivery attempted", View

1929, E15, #637 (perfins), Dayton-Roxbury, View

1929, E15, hotel ad, OX, View

1932, #600x6 pays 8ct air + 10 SD, View

1940. Fam Americans-Alameda;"'Duties Performed", View

E15, BRMs, View

E15, C19, LA: "Fee Claimed....Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Delivery...", View

E15, C19x3, Alameda-LI, View

E15 on PPC, 1978 pays PPC rate!, View

E16, w/ Dues - w/o postage, View

CE2 to Sacramento where "Fee Claimed.." applied twice in two fonts, View

E15, #855 (baseball), commercial use, View

E21, C72, HI, 

Unusual SD (Foreign, Illegal uses):

From Columbia: Two: E16, E20 applied, View

From Netherlands, E16; From Sweden (Labels); From France, E17, View

From Finland, E16, View

From Toronto, E9, pre-treaty, View

From Columbia, E15, Columbia Air Label-> New York, View

From Columbia, E20, service provided in Boston, View

From Jamaica E15, service applied in NYC, View

From Venezuela E8, via P.R., service applied in NYC-delivery problem, View

From Cuba E15, two covers-> Fl, CA, View

From Poland, PPC, 1975, View

E15x2->Winnipeg, 1935 aux, View

E15x2, Schenectady -> Vancouver, View

E15x2, 9ct 4th Bur, Air/Sea Supp - Germany,  View

Two SD to Italy: E14; E15x2, View

E23, C81-France, View

E6, forwarded in Sacramento - Oakland, no postage (J39 added), View

#808, 814 (perfins), w/ revised aux, View

E15, improper attempts: to pay SD service to Sweden; airmail rate on domestic PPC,  View

E15x2, #645, to Austria, underpaid, Port Jefferson, NY, View

E16 on PPC, attempt to pay air rate to Sweden, View

E6, Fake #356 coil pays registry from Worcester, MA, View

Bahamas/Miami Paquebot, E15 applied-not used, View

E17, E19 combine for 30ct SD + (improper) 3ct 1st class, View

E21 on valentine PPC, received SD service in Dallas, no regular postage applied, View

QE1 accepted for SD service, QE2 not accepted, Due 5, Seattle-Berkeley, View

CE1 applied in P.R., air rate was 10ct, 4ct due, View

Jul, '34, Sweden - Hannover, crash @ Almhult, View

Jun, '38, en route from Santiago crash in Andes, View

Apr, '42, Oakland-Chicago (Gambling Supplies cc)-crash @ LaGuardia, View

Aug, '47, Bahrain, View

May, '53, Dum Dum Airport, India, two diff cvrs/cachets, View

Jan, '54, Crash near Elba (Mediterranean), GB off. seal, View

Jan, '54, Crash near Elba (Mediterranean), Kuala Lumpur, meter, View

Christmas Day, '54, crash @ Prestwick, Scotland, View

Have Your Letters Directed…, very early, View

Newspaper Boston transit b/s, #158, West Troy, VT, View 

1892, wreck of SS Eider, Berlin seal, View

1893, wreck of SS Elbe, Russia - SD, Bremen seal, View

#302, 319, Hampden machine to Sweden, View

U348, used in Germany, 1894,  View

U348, Chicago Expo 3rd class to Vienna, View

4th Bureaus, Seaplane crash near Paris, View

1928, Brazil, plane struck by lightning, View

1929, C10 on Park City UT crash, unusual as it was assessed 5ct due, View

1935, CZ crash, View

1936, Crash at Crete, View

1936, Arkansas crash, View

1955, Hollywood, SC crash, View

Same 1955 SC crash, but not sent Airmail, View

1964, Saudi Air Crash, View

1977, "Embargo", meter to Italy, View

DDR Package, "Damaged in Handling...New Orleans", View1, View 2


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