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 U.S. Covers

Black Postal History






Cincinnati Stove ad, View

Lancaster, PA Butcher, View

Minstrel Show, San Francisco, 1902, View

Watermelon, Quitman, GA, 1907, View

Providence, RI, furniture co. trade card, View



Factory Island, Liberia, 1842 re: slaves neglect, View1, View2, View3, View4

SC, Claim of slave who built fortifications, nine docs, View1, View2, View3, View4

Flatbush, NY, bill of sale
, View

Long Street, SC, re: financial difficulties, Negroes, View

Doctor 's bill for "Negro wench", OH, View

Inventory of estate(?), Jefferson County, including $300 for negro girl, View1, View2


Treasury Penalty env., "Jamestown Negro Exhibit", View

Buffalo, NY permit, 1907, racist cc, View

#300 on Coalings, CA racist PPC, View

#328,Harlem Stamp Society, circ, View

PMCs w/ Pan Am franking, dramatic portrayal of blacks, View

"Roanoke Summer Normal School for Colored Teachers", cc on 1922 cover, View

1961, Cameroun w/ black image on cover, View


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