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 Confederate States Covers


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Featured Covers

   Mattoax, VA (Ame), On Richmond Female     
  Rare Small format HQ Dept, POD on U26                          Little Rock, '62 ms on #6pr, PFC
        Institute Ad  CSA #7 in two distinct Shades                                

Independent State Usage & U.S. Postage Used in the Confederacy

 #26 used Univ. of Virginia, (independent state),  View

#26 attempted use after June 1, 1861, Montgomery, AL, addr Howell Cobb; forwarded to Athens, GA at CSA rate, View

#26 used in Charleston, Feb 15, 1861, View

#26 two covers used in CSA Virginia, View

U9, Atlanta, CSA use, View


Prisoner Mail/ F.O.T

1862, F.O.T. via OPC to Berlin, View


Confederate Postmasters Provisionals

GA Provisional: 94XU1 View

Atlanta, GA Provisional: 6XU2 View

Jackson, Miss, 43XU1, View


Confederate General Issues and Contemporary Stampless

NC-CSA, 20+ examples, View

Little Rock, '62 ms on #6pr, PFC, View

Arkansas: Searcy, stlss, View

1862 U34, OPC, early F.O.T., View

U10, used in 1860 to Duprees Old Store, VA where it was turned on Sep 4, 1861 to AL, View

Columbia, SC, stampless, adversity (music sheet), View

Columbus, MS, #12, from Germantown, TN on turned, triple use cover, View

CSA #6 strip of 4, Charleston, SC, View

Adversity (captured advertising cover), New Market, VA, View

West Point GA (two, one wallpaper),  View

Columbus, Savannah, Rome, GA, stampless, View

Dalton, GA, stampless, (from 2nd GA Vols), View

"Missent & Fwd" at Forsyth, GA, View

Savannah, GA, stampless, (from Randolph's Rangers), View

Tudor Hall, stampless, Army of the Potomac "Paid/5", View

Linton, GA -GA 46th Regt., CSA #11, View

Ocala, FL, scarce use, View

Pensacola, FL, stampless, View

Pensacola, FL, stampless, "Paid", View

Petersburg, VA, CSA 6 single, Last Day of Rate?, View

Richmond, VA, stampless, endorsed by Surgeon in Cobb's Brigade, via S. Vir. RR, View

Richmond, VA, stampless, 1861, Grocer cc., encl View

Mattoax, VA, Richmond Female Institute ad, View

CSA 1 pair, Zolliocoffer, TN, View

CSA #1, 4, Staunton, VA,   View

CSA #1, 4, Griffin, GA, View

CSA 1, 5, Malmaison, VA, View

CSA 1, Athens, GA, View

CSA 1, Charleston, View

CSA 2, Augusta, GA, DCDS, googlemaps.com

CSA 2, Charleston, SC, interesting CDS, View

CSA 2, Raleigh, NC, adversity env, View

CSA 2a, XF, Moores Ordy (Ordinary), VA; View

CSA 2a – Graysburg, NC, View

CSA 4, Mocksville, NC, View

CSA 4b, Staunton, VA, View

CSA 5, Proctor's Creek, VA, View

CSA 6 single, 5ct rate, Garysburg, NC, View

CSA 6 single,  Petersburg, "Due 5", View

CSA 6,7, Rocky Mount, NC, View

Red Cancels: CSA 6 & 7 covers, NC, View

Red Cancel: CSA 12, Greensboro, NC, View

CSA 7 pair,  Wartrace/B&O RR (TN), View

CSA 7, pair ,sgl ("Filled Frame", CC #7-R-v2), underpaid/accepted, CWSA cert, View

CSA #9, Mush Creek, SC, View

CSA 11, VA C (RR)/Cobham, View

CSA 11, Naval Docketing, View

CSA 12, Macon, AL, View

CSA 12, Mt. Zonah, GA, View

CSA 7 pair,  Ooltewah, TN, View

CSA 6 Pair, Charleston, SC, Homade env, w/large "Valuable", View

CSA 6 Pair (short transfer), Bowling Green, VA, adversity, View

CSA 7 Jumbo pair, Vicksburg, MS, View

CSA 7 pair,  Eagle Mills, NC;  View

CSA 7 pair, Overpaid Drop, Richmond, View

CSA 7 pair, Chester CH, SC Green DCDS, View

CSA 7 pair, on U10, Salisbury, NC, adversity, View

CSA 7 pair, Ivy Depot, VA, Turned from Richmond use, View

CSA 9, Gem, CSA cert.,  View

CSA 11, Hollow Square, AL, View

CSA 11, Genito, VA, addr Keating & Ball, View

CSA 12, Georgetown, SC, adversity, View

CSA 12,
Richmond, inscribed "O.B." View

CSA 12b, Montgomery, AL,  View

Double Transfers on CSA 11 & 12, View

Richmond, VA, unusual combinations, View


Confederate Official Imprints

POD, Finance chief, Harrell, View

POD, Chief of Contract, Offutt, View

General PO, B Baker, View

Small format cover: HQ Dept, POD on U26, View

Unused CSA Patriotics

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