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EFOs, Illegal and Label Uses



#114, "Lincoln University, Dec 25, 1869"
, View

U1, dramatic shift including seal, View

#11, pre-printing crease, View

#26, double perf, 'peach' color, View

#26, VF pre-printing crease, View

#65 on a parallellogram, View

#94 with a crazy address, View

#247, canceled 8 months before issued!, View

#899, 'Maximum Cancel" of Minuteman on stamp, View

"Beetle" View

CE2, Christmas Day, View

C7 on Leap Day, 1928, View

C7, 9 to Adm. Byrd, too late, View

Marylin Monroe-Australia. View

Three Crazy PPCs, View

#300, "Cold Feet" tag, View

West Newton, MA triangular envelope., View


#37 on fake New Haven Ct cover, View

Nigerian forgeries send scam mail, View     Content

Fraudulent McKinley charity, 1913, View


(proof) accepted for registry payment on ME cover, View

#635 bisect "pays" 1st day of 3rd class rate, View

#614 bisect "pays" part of 3rd class rate, MN, View

#515 bisect accepted for 10ct SD rate on DC cover, View

Poppy Label caught with use, View

U58 cut-out on MT cover, View

UX27 cut-out, caught, View

#1284 stamp defaced by apparent "non-fan of FDR", View

Berlin Wall label accepted in Cincinnati, 1963, View

Labels, Cinderellas

#836, Dec 25, 1932, CO sanitarium tied, View

1899 label: "Remember the Maine", View

Chicken, Communist & Chicago Stock Show labels, View

Large boat label on 7ct & 9ct parks  SD cover, Boston, 1935, View

Watergate fantasy, all of the conspirators, View

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