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20th Century


Charleviex, Michigan, #279B x 2 on 2ct entire to Hondurus, 1903. View

2nd Bureaus

P.I. #234 solo, pays registry, Manila to Zueich, View

Baltimore street car RPO on #301, 1903. View

#304 to Chinese Turkestan, PFC, View

#304, Cleveland "Fraudulent", very early, View

#308, pays 13x of 15 x 3rd class rate on wrapper from NYC to Germany, very unusual!, View

#308, Schenectady "Found in Ordinary Mail", View


#320 block of 4 on cover. View


#319 on Guam photocard to France via Manila, 1905. View

#319x5, E3, KS, View

#319 w/ WX3c, Phila Ad, View

Pan Americans

#295, PMC-Germany, View

#294(2), 298, Reg. - Toronto, View

#294(2), St. Louis shoemaker, View

#295(2), 298, on 2ct Columbian ent, Reg. Roxbury, MA (w/ "Old Home Week' labels) - CA, View

#295, NY & San Juan RPO, View

#295(2), "low trains", DC-Navy captain in Manila, View

#295, Chicago Office of AZ Gold Mining Co., encl, View

#295(5), NYC Reg. RTS, View

#294,5, w/#237, 285,6,7 on reg. cover to Western Australia; #297-Australia, View

#297, NYC-India, View

#299, Putnam, CT, neat registry, View

Three great ads w/ #295, View

Three Stamp Dealer cc, View

Louisiana Purchase

#323x2, nice PPC to France, View

#323, PPC, Tol & St L RPO, View

#325 on U351, Boston (reg. label), Leipzig, View

#325 on W405 pays 4x domestic 3rd class rate, View

#325, 326, 327 pay 2X rate + Registry, New Bedford, MA to Australia, View

#327 used on GB entire, Syracuse, NY registry, View

Canceled on Christmas Day

E6, #332, 1909 PPC, View

Washington - Franklins

#344, 384, SK perfins "56" & "9", View

#378, German Paquebot, 1912, View

#396 coil to France, View

#400A, 530 pay SD rate, San Francisco, 1918, View

#458, rare coil to D.E.Indies, View

#463 on Wells Fargo C.O.D., Wichita, View

#483 Block of 4, Jersey City registry, View

3ct perf 10, wrapper to Australia, View

#496 coil strip of 4, View

#500, Vanceburgh, KY, View

#500, Indianapolis, View

#503 x2 double rate to Italy, censored there, View



4th Bureaus

#642, 692, nice combo - Puerto Rico, View

#693, 698, "Roebling" P Post tag, View

Hi-values on tags:
  View 2, View 3, View 4

#579, 1923 New York cover, F-VF, PSE. Scott $400. $225 View

National Parks

National Parks, Foreign Destinations

2ct parks, block - France; mixed - Palestine, View
3ct parks, from St Thomas, VI, View
1ct, 4ct parks, IA-Zanzibar, DLO, View
5ct parks - Czech, View
9ct parks(pr), air - Argentina, View
7, 10ct parks, Hoover Dam, Reg - Austria, View
9, 10ct - GB, View
Parks, 20ct reg. rate to Latvia, View
10ct parks x4, air - Argentina, View
Mixed from Guam - Rochester, N, 1937, View

8ct Parks strip on Zepp cover, 1936, 40ct rate, View

National Parks, Unusual, Aux use

2ct parks on scarce U421a, View
2ct parks "First Class", View
2ct parks; 6ct +10ct Clemens, Aux, View
3ct parks, first flight in ambulance cover, View
4ct parks, block, air/SD(denied), View
4, 9ct parks registry;  View
8, 10ct parks, registry, View
8ct parks, mixed, 23 ct RR, View
7, 9ct parks, unusual label, View
9ct solo, triple rate, View
Fancy Cancels, View

National Parks, FDCs & Farleys

7, 9ct Farleys, air/sd, View
1, 2ct, MDay Farleys, various services, View
#730a, 771, View
#735 full pane, Aux, View

Historic letter from Harold Ickes, Sec. of Interior re: TB, View1, View2

See Prexie & WWII items

Liberty & Modern

#977(2), Poppy Lady, 1948-Eritrea, View
#1031pr on U557, "Damaged Due to Fire...", View, Apology Letter
#1031, mixed-Afghanistan, View
#1033, P-Matter-Switz, View
#1035, Mamie Eisenhower, View
#1035, "Damaged in Plane Crash", 1955, View
#1035f, two applications: RFP-Sweden, View
#1035a pr
, from Greenland, View
#1049 on U540, certified, RR, View

#1057pr on bag, View
#1057, C51, underpaid air-"Not in Air Mail..", UK-Fwd'd-BWI, View
#1058pr, "Damaged in Handling...", it was a fire!, View
#1057strip, Canary Isl ping-pong, View
South Africa (meter), 1972, addr:"One World Trade Center",NY, View
Liberty airs: To NZ, 1057strip.RFP; Virgin Isl-Balt.3colors, View
Liberty tag: #1052x12, View
Liberty Solos: #1048, HI-NZ; #1051a-Thailand, View
Liberty Solos: #1051a, Certified; #1051, View
Liberty Solo: #1051a, APO 324-Beirut, View
Airs to Singapore:, C90(2); #2721(2)-stamp dealers; C88, E23, View
#1049pr, air-Guatemala, RFP (1035pr applied),View
Illegal uses accepted: #1280+10ct War Savings-9 month PC rate, ; #1281+10ct-Savings, View
Illegal uses Denied: S1 attempted.#1035pr applied after RFP, View
"Evidence of Postage at Time of Mailing", Waterloo, IA, 1991, View
Overpayment air mistakes: '72, #1289 applied-Iceland, "RFP 1ct"-not necessary; '91, C98(2applied by mistake)-Australia DLO, View
C59pr-Kenya: 1965 commems-Sierra Leone, View
C60a-Germany.due8, bell H/S, View
C65, VI-NC, View
C80-Guatamala, View
E23 on UC47, SC Aux, View
CE2, Sacramento, two different "Fee Paid..." H/S, View
To Honduras: C131, View
#1031 on UC32-Ghana, View

UC35: to Seychelles; MaldivesView
UC35-Liberia, View
C72 on (Kennedy)UC38 (ID) - Ireland, View
C90(Pl#)-Algeria, View
C35-Bulgaria, View
C118-Belize, View
C130-Mongolia, View
C128-Lithuania, View
To Thailand, C63; C137, View
#1283B, 1305-Nigeria, Aux, View
#1284b mutilated, anti FDR, due 18ct (stack), View
#1294(2), 1294 - Latvia, View
#1294, Prom. Amer's. Air/SD - Finland, View
#1399-Tuvalu Island, View
#1289, 1294(prs), 1581, precise franking on lovely env, View
#1608, 1610 on U601, certified, View
#1610 on U597, certified, View
#1610 x4, registered, View
#1610 on two-way shipping card for UT ceramic studio, View
#1611, 1288, SD clock, x2, View
#2171, delay due to immigration lottery, View
#2175, 3634(pr)-Beijing, RTS Labels, View
#2195x2, addr. Israel, no recvr., View
#2351 (Lace), "...False Representation...", View
#2532-PRC, View
#2998-Russian RTS label, View
#3634(bklt), 2195, -China, RTS labels, View


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#319, "Weather Bureau" penalty, View

#432, 498 on circ die: "Not in Registered Mail", View


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