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20th Century


Charleviex, Michigan, #279B x 2 on 2ct entire to Hondurus, 1903. View

2nd Bureaus

P.I. #234 solo, pays registry, Manila to Zueich, View

Baltimore street car RPO on #301, 1903. View

#304 to Chinese Turkestan, PFC, View

#304, Cleveland "Fraudulent", very early, View

#308, Seattle Reg. Label - Japan, very unusual!, View

#308, pays 13x of 15 x 3rd class rate on wrapper from NYC to Germany, very unusual!, View

#308, to French West African Isl. of  Sao Tome de Principe-very unusual!, View

#308, two scarce covers to NZ -one from Samoa, very unusual!, View

#308, Schenectady "Found in Ordinary Mail", View


#320 block of 4 on cover. View


#319 on Guam photocard to France via Manila, 1905. View

#319x5, E3, KS, View

#319 w/ WX3c, Phila Ad, View

Pan Americans

#295, PMC-Germany, View

#294(2), 298, Reg. - Toronto, View

#294(2), St. Louis shoemaker, View

#295(2), 298, on 2ct Columbian ent, Reg. Roxbury, MA (w/ "Old Home Week' labels) - CA, View

#295, NY & San Juan RPO, View

#295(2), "low trains", DC-Navy captain in Manila, View

#295, Chicago Office of AZ Gold Mining Co., encl, View

#295(5), NYC Reg. RTS, View

#294,5, w/#237, 285,6,7 on reg. cover to Western Australia; #297-Australia, View

#297, NYC-India, View

#299, Putnam, CT, neat registry, View

Three great ads w/ #295, View

Three Stamp Dealer cc, View

Canceled on Christmas Day

E6, #332, 1909 PPC, View

Fulton, CA, '08, Santa Ana, CA, '78, Bonanza, CO, '08, View

Temple, ME, '08, Flintstone, MD, '08, Taunton, MN, '08, View

Greenwich, NJ, '07, Lava, NY, '07, Wilson, WA, '09, View

Monette, MO, '11, #724 (Penn), USS Childs (served in P.I., WW2), Vonormy, TX, '09,  View

Bridgewater, NC, '15, Smiths Basin, NY, Magrew, OH, '12, View

#836 (Swedes), sanitarium label, Wheatridge, CO, View

Washington - Franklins

#344, 384, SK perfins "56" & "9", View

#378, German Paquebot, 1912, View

#396 coil to France, View

#400A, 530 pay SD rate, San Francisco, 1918, View

#458, rare coil to D.E.Indies, View

#463 on Wells Fargo C.O.D., Wichita, View

#483 Block of 4, Jersey City registry, View

3ct perf 10, wrapper to Australia, View

#496 coil strip of 4, View

#500, Vanceburgh, KY, View

#500, Indianapolis, View

#503 x2 double rate to Italy, censored there, View


4th Bureaus

#642, 692, nice combo - Puerto Rico, View

#693, 698, "Roebling" P Post tag, View

Hi-values on tags:

View 1, View 2, View 3, View 4

#693, 700, International Parcel Post w/ form 2932 label, View

#579, 1923 New York cover, F-VF, PSE. Scott $400. $225 View

National Parks

National Parks, Foreign Destinations

2ct parks, block - France; mixed - Palestine, View
3ct parks, from St Thomas, VI, View
4ct parks - GB, View
1ct, 4ct parks, IA-Zanzibar, DLO, View
5ct parks - Czech, View
5ct parks - Switz, View
5ct parks - Lloyd ship, Italy, View
9ct parks(pr), air - Argentina, View
7, 10ct parks, Hoover Dam, Reg - Austria, View
9, 10ct - GB, View
Parks, 20ct reg. rate to Latvia, 2, 9ct; 10ct(pr), View
10ct parks x4, air - Argentina, View
Mixed from Guam - Rochester, N, 1937, View

8ct Parks strip on Zepp cover, 1936, 40ct rate, View

National Parks, Unusual, Aux use

2ct parks on scarce U421a, View
2ct parks "First Class", View
2ct parks; 6ct +10ct Clemens, Aux, View
3ct parks, first flight in ambulance cover, View
4ct parks, block, air/SD(denied), View
4, 9ct parks registry;  View
9ct parks,pair, registry, View
8, 10ct parks, registry, View
8ct parks, mixed, 23 ct RR, View
7, 9ct parks, unusual label, View
9ct solo, triple rate, View
Fancy Cancels, View

National Parks, FDCs & Farleys

7, 9ct Farleys, air/sd, View
1, 2ct, MDay Farleys, various services, View
#730a, 771, View
#735 full pane, Aux, View

Historic letter from Harold Ickes, Sec. of Interior re: TB, View1, View2

See Prexie & WWII items

Liberty & Modern

#977(2), Poppy Lady, 1948-Eritrea, View
#1031pr on U557, "Damaged Due to Fire...", View, Apology Letter
#1031, mixed-Afghanistan, View
#1033, P-Matter-Switz, View
#1035, Mamie Eisenhower, View
#1035, "Damaged in Plane Crash", 1955, View
#1035f, two applications: RFP-Sweden, View
#1035a pr
, from Greenland, View
#1049 on U540, certified, RR, View

#1057pr on bag, View
#1057, C51, underpaid air-"Not in Air Mail..", UK-Fwd'd-BWI, View
#1058pr, "Damaged in Handling...", it was a fire!, View
#1057strip, Canary Isl ping-pong, View
South Africa (meter), 1972, addr:"One World Trade Center",NY, View
Liberty airs: To NZ, 1057strip.RFP; Virgin Isl-Balt.3colors, View
Liberty tags: #1052x12; #1052, 1053, View
Liberty Solos: #1048, HI-NZ; #1051a-Thailand, View
Liberty Solos: #1051a, Certified; #1051, Reg, RR, View
Liberty Solo: #1051a, APO 324-Beirut, View
Airs to Singapore:, C90(2); #2721(2)-stamp dealers; C88, E23, View
#1049pr, air-Guatemala, RFP (1035pr applied),View
Illegal uses accepted: #1280+10ct War Savings-9 month PC rate, ; #1281+10ct-Savings, View
Illegal uses Denied: S1 attempted.#1035pr applied after RFP, View
"Evidence of Postage at Time of Mailing", Waterloo, IA, 1991, View
Overpayment air mistakes: '72, #1289 applied-Iceland, "RFP 1ct"-not necessary; '91, C98(2applied by mistake)-Australia DLO, View
C59pr-Kenya: 1965 commems-Sierra Leone, View
C60a-Germany.due8, bell H/S, View
C65, VI-NC, View
C80-Guatamala, View
E23 on UC47, SC Aux, View
CE2, Sacramento, two different "Fee Paid..." H/S, View
Two - Honduras: C34; C131, View
#1031 on UC32-Ghana, View

UC35: to Seychelles; MaldivesView
UC35-Liberia, View
C72 on (Kennedy)UC38 (ID) - Ireland, View
C90(Pl#)-Algeria, View
Two - Bulgaria: C35, H.E.Harris; C118, View
C118-Belize, View
C130-Mongolia, View
C128-Lithuania, View
C190-Bosnia, nice RTS AUX, View
To Thailand, C63; C137, View
#1283B, 1305-Nigeria, Aux, View
#1284b mutilated, anti FDR, due 18ct (stack), View
#1294(2), 1294 - Latvia, View
#1294, Prom. Amer's. Air/SD - Finland, View
#1399x4-Israel.rts-too small, View
#1399-Tuvalu Island, View
#1289, 1294(prs), 1581, precise franking on lovely env, View
#1608, 1610 on U601, certified, View
#1610 on U597, certified, View
#1610 x4, registered, View
#1610 on two-way shipping card for UT ceramic studio, View
#1611, 1288, SD clock, x2, View
#1581, 1906, incorrect RTS (dimension), View
#1863, "Non Standard Surcharge" (in error), View

#2171, delay due to immigration lottery, View
#2175, 3634(pr)-Beijing, RTS Labels, View
#2195x2, addr. Israel, no recvr., View
#2351 (Lace), "...False Representation...", View
#2532-PRC, View
#2881a, Illegal use of letter denominated stamp, HI-Australia, View
#2998-Russian RTS label, View
#3634(bklt), 2195, -China, RTS labels, View
#3766 x2 ($2.00) applied with 42ct #4230 on 44ct rate cover, 2009, View


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#319, "Weather Bureau" penalty, View

#432, 498 on circ die: "Not in Registered Mail", View

#425, Unusual AUX:  “Cancelled at Train”, View

C8: single "APO 803-B" (USMC, Trinidad), View

C8: nice combo: w/ C16 - Canal Zone, View

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