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Florida Territory
(pre Mar 3, 1845)

, View

St Augustine , oval, 1833 re: orange grove, View

St Marks to Tallahassee, 1831 wrapper, at 2 x 6 1/4 rate, View

,   View

Warrington, CSA, View

Classic Covers

Apalachicola, stampless: circ "Paid" in GreenView

Caryville, 1894 registry, banknote-1st bur mixed, View

Jacksonville , #210, triple rate, w/ 10 sheet letter, View 

Kerr City, 1886, View

Milton,  ca 1850, View

Milton - GB on UX6, View

Melendez, #11, View

Ocala; Tallahassee, stampless, interesting, View

Ocala, #26 pair, View

Pensacola, '64->, Fwd'd->ME, View

St Augustine , #210, Fancy (not in Cole), View

Tallahassee, #65, View

Ads, 20th Century & Unusual

Jack & St Pete RPO - Switz; Chase (DPO),  View

Jacksonville, The St. James Hotel, cc, #210, two examples, View

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