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U.S. Covers

20th Century

20th Century

UX14 (U.S.), UX3 (HI)-Germany, View

#52 on adv. wrapper to Funchal
, View

#319, HI Paquebot, written en route to Japan on Japanese PPC, View

1906, #300, Mahokona, PPC -Newton MA,  View

1909, Privately carried from Caroline Isl, "via Sydney", Honolulu, View

U377, Hana -Norway, View

U393, Lahaina-Porto Rico, View

UY1, Min
t, VF, View

C4, 5 pay 3 zone air to GA,

C6 pays 3 zones to NYC, View

#405, HI promo/Map, View

#648, FDC (Scofield Barracks Sta.), View

CE2, Hilo - Honolulu, View

C20, #721, pay US air +supp sea rate to Germany, View

1942 Air, paid by 3 meters, View

#815, "H I" Perf initials, Clipper mail, View

C29, prexies, "Aloha" illus., View

E15, #819, C25, WW2-IL, View

Nov '45, C28, 30, two ocean air-Sweden, View



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