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New Stuff


Great Lakes S.B. Mail

ca 1832, Mackinac, Ship (boxed), rare territorials, two examples, View

#11  tied by Detroit CDS w/ (fancy "Steamboat") - Mentor, OH, View

Two covers:  #26 & U9 tied by Detroit CDS w/ "Steamboat"-Brooklyn & oval "Steamboat" x3-MA, View

Cleveland "Steam-Boat" st line, 1845, View

Piqua, OH CDS ties #26-Boston, endorsed: "Via Columbus, Albany, the Lake Route...", View

Buffalo-Detroit ("Steam"), 1849, View

Buffalo fancy "Steam-Boat", 1836: Detroit-Rochester,  View

1844, Toledo-Buffalo fancy "Steam-Boat", endorsed: "Bg Capt Allen",  View

1860, Detroit-Buffalo ornate "Steam Boat/10 Cts"-Lockport,  View

1847, Illus. bill, Spang & Co., Pittsburgh, View

Mississippi Steamboat Mail




New Orleans

Upper Mississippi

Misc. Miss. River

Wharf Forwarders

POWs, Internees, Ex Markovits:

Newport, RI, to Military Internee  in Switz., unusual, View

Kenedy TX internee camp to Germany, View

To Royal Navy Man who "...is now a POW", View

Missoula MT Immigration Detention Camp to Italy, View

From POW humanitarians to Portugal, View

To notable internee (Vanderpool)in Germany, View

Airs, Dues, SD, B.O.B.

E1, from Sheriff in WV, View

1914: "Vera Cruz, Mex. USMAG/REC'D" Mexico & US seals, View

C7, #524, Air + sea surch-Japan, View

Nat. Geographic "Eclipse" Expedition, 1937 to Pacific: Enderbury, Isl, Canton Isl, USS Avocat

#571, solo pays 2 x rate to Philippines, Dec '39, View

#569, solo -Ecuador, View

Two unusual 4th Bur airs-Germany, paying 5ct domestic air, 4ct supp sea & 4ct Europe air: C10, 632, 688; #694 solo, View

#639 solo pays legacy rate from 1928 to Germany: 5ct sea + 2ct from France (went to 4ct 1 month after inception), 1929, View

C7, 9 multi, Cuba-Miami-Costa Rica, diplomatic, 1930, View

C8 solo pays 5ct domestic air, 4ct supp sea & 6ct Europe air, '31, CA-Vienna, View

C10x2, DC-Havana, first flight, View

C10x3, C11x5, CA-Phila, View

C11, VA-Honolulu, a bargain!, View

C11, 4th bur. 1/2cts, incl 4ct air surcharge-Berlin, View

C11, two applied w/ E15 for double rate air during period when 2nd oz was 10ct, one caught; one not caught, View

C12, #570-Argentina, RTS, View

C7, 22, DC-Switz, Feb, 1941, View

#571, C21x2 pay 4x 30ct air, 15ct reg., 5ct RR, View

C31, two cvrs: 1942, NYC - South Africa, Quad Rates, View

C31, two cvrs: 1942, NYC - South Africa, Double, Triple Rates, View

C22x3, Guam-SF, 1937. View

C22x2, X-Pacific-India, 1939, View

C22, #832 in combos, Rochester, NY-Manila, 1941, two examples, View

C10, 23, 24 combo-GB, 1940, View

C19x6-Egypt, 30ct air to Europe + 6ct supp, View

C22x3, C24, OX-Scotland, 1941, View

C22, 23, #807 pay legacy rate to Java, 1941, View

C9x2,-Switz, 1941, View

C7,22, #832-Tel Aviv, 1941, View

#700 x 2, small format, 1942, Phila - South Africa, View

C20(strip of 3) pays clipper rate, small format, 1942, Phila - South Africa, View

C27, C31 pay clipper rate, small format, 1942, Phila - South Africa, View

C21, 22 - Melbourne, fwd, View

#918, 820, NY-P.O.Spain., Trinidad, '44, View

C36 - Aden, two uses, View

C36, Canton Isl. - Melbourne, View

C46, 7 x rate to London, View

E12pr, #623, 20ct SDD.Reg - Canada, View

Unusual SD cover: E17, E18 combine for 30ct rate, 1959, View

E19, C7, #635, SD/air (supp) to Switz, View

E19: Congressman, Free; Columbia-NYC, C30-Sweden

UZ1, rare used in period, View

see more airs at: BOB page

Auxiliary Markings

#24 strip, Stow, MA - Chicago "advertised" CDS, View

#114, RTW w/ unusual Boston Aux, View

"Address Changed by Official Orders", US Coast & Geodetic Survey, 1902, View

#425, "Canceled on Train" in 4-Bar, View

1945, #803  strip, double wgt 3rd class, View

"Minor Letter/DLO", 1910, View

19th Century

Stampless: Cleveland, OH, "X X X", 6 x rate, View

1847, lovely illus lettersheet depicting Burns memorial to MI via Boston, View

#11, "Recut Button", w/ scarce NY & Phila RR CDS, View

#63, 68(pr) pays 7x rate, View

#65, Fancy,
Duxbury, MA - C-War Gunboat, View

N.B. (Canada), 1877, addr N.B., "Missent to Boston" (unlisted), View

#159 on W77: 7x rate, View

#209 w/ 207P, registry proof accepted, View

#279B, Two diff DC machines w/ Dewey cc, View

#279B, Chicago flag, beautiful Dewey-Day cc, View
Early 20th

NC- Naples - Manila, unusual, View

#332, 1908 use, Tippicanoe, O., View

U393, reg. domestic use on Leap Day, Fe29, 1916, View

#495 bisect pays 1st day of 1 1/2ct 3rd class rate, View

#537 on U429, MN - Yugoslavia, interesting censor and religious labels, 1919, View

#623 on Secaucus NJ cover to Sweden, 5ct RR fee paid, View

#627 - Australia, Due, View

#639 strip(3) pays 3ct RR, registry, View

#771, privately perfed, NYC, View

Farley Byrd pair pays 6ct air on Lincoln Birthday commemoration w/ fancy "Abe" killer, View

4th Bureau tags with Hi-Value blocks, one is Leap Day, Feb 29, 1936, View

Prexie - Modern

31ct RReceipt rate, 1948, w/ prexies, View

#814pr on neat overall IA ad, View


1796, Philadelphia - Providence, "doodle" on addr panel, View

1843, receipt for PO key, View

#11, Roslyn, NY, "Pointing Hand", View

Fremont Campaign cover: #11 on embossed cover, plus unused example, View

U58, Olmstead, KY to Amish "Friend", View

Illus ad, women in 1902 NH sweatshop, View

Native Sons of the Golden West, "Electric Car" ad, Sacramento, on U385, View

#515 bisect used for SD fee, Brooklyn, NY, View

UY5, illus address w/ bulldogs, GA, View

UN, 1955 - Saudi Arabia, View

O136 used in illegal combo w/#1071 for 25ct rate, 1988, View

We have many more B.O.B., Auxiliary and Unusual Marking covers in stock. Please send an email with your interests.

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