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 U.S. Covers
U.S. Civil War Patriotics  


Featured Covers
Lincoln Campaign poem on back of Elizabethport, NJ cover w/#26, View

Used Patriotics

(Parenthesis refer to pmk; the numbers ("~xxx") shown on the "Views" themselves refer to the listings in the Bischel auction catalog)

Lincoln Mourning (River Styx, OH); Lincoln Hamlin, View_01 PF Cert

 Fortress Monroe Panorama (DC), View 58

McClellan, scarce design, w/unusual use (VA), View 62

Gen. Dix (OPC); G. Washington (Baltimore), View_03

Grant (MN); Flag & Cannon (IL), View_05

Rare McClellan (Ft Hamilton); Scarce flag (OH);  View_06

Female & Eagle (KY);, View_07

Eagle & shield (CT DPO);  Eagle (Addr. Mound City Gunboat at Cairo), View_09

MI "Loyal"overall (unlisted), View_10

NY 48th (Port Royal);  IL=> Alabama??, View_12

"Union" & eagle (IL); Female w/ "Pillar of Glory" (326 pair, IL), View_14

(3) "ZOUAVE" (KY); unlisted cannon & flag regimental (VT); NY48th (OPC), View_15

Battleship (ms. ?); Eagle & Globe, View_16

"Army & Navy" (Harrisburg, PA), View_17a

 Eagle, globe & flags (VT), View_18

Overall regimental: "United States"; Male/Flag: "Excelsior" (NY), View_19

112th NY, camp scene (VA); View_20

Unlisted small format female (DC); Flag: "Death to Traitors" (Detroit), View_22

Unlisted NJ A.A. Pro. Mar. (Trenton, fancy); 15th NH Rgt. w/ printed addr (NO) ,View_27

Large Eagle & shield (DC), View_29

Unusual Flag, MA ["5" killer]), View_32

Captured Battery" (IN, addr IN Vols), View 34

"Ninth AC" (DC); Magnus Female "Michigan", View 35

Male: "Our Union Defenders" (MI- MI "Advertised"), View 36

"One People One Gov't" (Ft. Leavenworth, KS);  View 37B

Howell in Blue (MI); Martha W. (NY, fancy), View 38

Quaker Bottom, O use, View 40

Jolly O (DPO), #63 strip; scarce RI Flag, View 42

#64b, better design, Louisville, View 43

Cavalry Charge in brown ("Rare"), (NYC), View 44

Woman & large flag, #26, (NYC), View 45

#63strip IN DPO, View 47

#64, New York - Loyal States, DC, PSE cert., View 48

Lincoln and his cabinet, rare item, View 52

#65, Gen. Grant, (MI), View 53

Loyal IL, w/ Chicago blue, Gem, View 55

Unusual flag, w/ ad, (NH), View 56

"Union Must & Shall be Preserved" overall in red ,(VA), View 60

Young America "Excelsior", (DC), View 63

1ct '57s on Patriotics:

#18, 26, NYC-DC, View 64

#18, 26, Phila-Del View 65

#18, 20, 24 on Hollidaysburg, PA cover w/ content, View

#20 (Pl 12), 26, NYC - 8th regt. NY in VA, View 66

#24 strip (Pl 9), West Hoosick, NY, View 70



Political poem re: "Honest Abe" on #26 cover, Elizabethport, NJ, PFC, View


Seal & View; Large Eagle & Flags/Annapolis, View LS4, 5

Ironclad battle
at Fort Wright, View LS6

Magnus "Annie of the Vale"/PA
), View LS7

Camp at Norfolk; Involute Flag, View LS9, 10

Magnus New York (multi), View LS 12

Magnus Milwaukee,
View LS13

Magnus: "Pretty Sally"; General,
View LS 14

Magnus Albany Map,
View LS15

Magnus, St Louis,
View LS-16

Magee: "Welcome Home",
View LS 17

Magnus,  "Ellsworth's Avengers", View

Lettersheets: HQ, PA Agency, View;  Ailing soldier at Camp Mead, View

Unused Patriotics

                                        Stencil CSA Patriotic                                                                                           

What follows is but a sample of 100s in stock:

Recent Additions (2022):

View Sets

Carictures:  V.02,  V.03,  V.04,  V.05 V.06

Better Designs: V.07,  V.08,  V140

Elegant Females:  View New 26  View_New_27  View_New_30  View New 32  View New 33 View New 34    View_New_109   View female 203

Colorful Magnus, Kimmel, etc:   View_New_114   View_New_115   View New 116  View New 117   View Multi 206  View Multi 209  View scenes/Ellsworth 208

Flags:   View New 25  View New 50  

Monochrome views:    View_New_142   

Great views!    View_New_125   View_New_148  View_New_128    View_New_138
Battle scenes: View_New_127  View Scenes 210
Scenes:   View_New_28  View_New_121     View_New_128  View_New_146  View  147    View  147a   View misc 207

Famous Men:      View (Lincoln) 105       View_New_161

Scenes & Generals: View_New_201    View_New_202      View officers/Views 204    View officers 205

Caricatures/ Unusual: View_New_48     char49    char61    char63    char67    char68    char69    char72    char73    char74   Uphams

Hand-painted, incl. private designs, View New 79

Caricatures, three different skulls, View New 78

Caricatures, better designs, View New 80

CSA Patriotics

The following designs are all listed in the new CSA catalog:

                                      Hand Carried Patriotic, View

CSA Flags, (7 stars), View 10,  View 11,  View 12  View 13

CSA Flags, (8 stars), View 14,

CSA Flags, (10 stars), View 16

CSA Flags, (11 stars), View 17

CSA Flags, (12 stars), View 18

CSA Cannons, View 20, View 21

CSA Cannon Lettersheet, View

CSA Medallions, View 22, View 23

CSA Misc., View 24, View 25 View 26 (SC)

Unlisted (questionable) Caricatures, plus northern origin showing Southern sympathies:

 CSA 01, CSA 02, CSA 03, CSA 04, CSA 05, CSA 06

 See more CSA covers: Confederate page, Go 

We have many more Patriotic covers in stock. Please send an email with your interests.



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