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Federal Letters


East Liberty, IN, 1864, cover & letter re: "Copperheads" & the draft, View

SC, VA soldiers View
Two illustrated letters: Camp Diamond, O, View

'Target Practice at 300 yds", Lexington, KY, 1862, View

Draft avoidance, Sandy Hook, CT, 1863, addr US Flagship Minnesota, View

Hunter of Blockade Runners, USS Metacomet, D/L Key West, ViewBackground

Stencil addresses in flag:  Worcester, MA, w/ Camp Wool letter, View

Federal Covers

Content: July, '61, re; Battle of Bull Run on illus. L/S, View , Content

    A chronicle of a RI citizen soldier, Horatio Rogers, Brown '55

Rogers Bio

To Lt. Rogers, Fort Hamilton, NY, '61, View

To Capt. Rogers, Sherman's Expedition, NYC, View

To Capt. Rogers, Fort Wells, Hilton Head, SC, View

To Capt. Rogers, Fort Pulaski after it was taken, Dec, '61, View

To Col. Rogers, Washington, DC, Feb '63, View

To Col. Rogers, Army of the Potomac, Aug, '63, View

To Col. Rogers, Army of the Potomac/6th Army Corps, two covers, '63, View

To Col. Rogers, Army of the Potomac, three covers from diff. sources, '63 - '64, View

To Col. (now General) Rogers, now in Providence, soon to be Atty. General, , '66, View

To General Rogers, in London, '68, View

Lot of 13 covers, above:: $1,500

Rogers Bio

#65 x3, Washington Arsenal, triple rate, View

#65 two cvrs: cc, HQ, Army of the Potomac; Washington Arsenal, View

New Haven-DC, two diff carrier marks, View

"DUE 3", better IN patriotic, View

#65 pair, still underpaid, (Ashbrook analysis) Due 6-NH, View

Grand Rapids, MI-9th MI, re: Morgan's Raiders, View

Adams Express: Newbern - CT, View

Naval Covers

To USS Colorado, Paris, 1866, View

To Marine on USS Minnesota, View

To USS Brooklyn (from Williamsburgh); To Storeship Marcia Greenleaf (on Valentines Day), View

From Tug Boat "Acacia", View

Revenues on Documents

R33c, 54a, 54a, 73a
on deed, Essex County, MA, View

R59c, Crack, on Albany NY steamboat policy,  View

R86c, 88c on MA deed, View

R123 on MA receipt, View


US Grant
& Family, no revenue, View

ladies w/ revenues, View

, with R18, View

3 ladies w/R18, 19, View

Rare CDV of negro woman
, View

POW Mail

Southern Express, POW released in Cairo, '65, Express Label forwarding to Memphis, '69, View

Johnson's Island, Sandusky, "GAR" examiner, View

Johnson's Island, Sandusky, May 24, '65,View

Johnson's Island, Sandusky, "J Cooper" examiner,TN soldier content, View

Sandusky, Oct 18, '64, F.O.T. to Laurens CH, SC, Richmond transit, content: prison roster doc, View



         Church Hill Miss., Addressed Churchville Cavalry,                                          CSA 7 (Unusual Dark Shade)
                            Unlisted in Dietz, ASCC                                                            Military Target (Dietz Type ANVZT)
                                        $300                                                                                                          $325

Stampless,  AL 43rd private on adversity env made from illus steamer bill, View

Stampless,  Gladesboro, VA, re: "Picketts Division"  on adversity env made from PO registry form, View

Stampless,  Randolph Rangers private, Savannah, GA, View

Stampless, addr  Churchville Cavalry, Church Hill, MS, View

CSA 1 & 4, Griffin, GA, addr Capt. 53rd GA, View

CSA #12, Naval, Richmond, docket: "...bd (board) monitoring navy appointment..", View

"Military Target", Dietz type ANVZT, addr Coal Mountain, GA, View

#94 on captured CSA War Department Imprint cover with watermark. View

Post War


#114 pair, Sanford, KY, 1869, Pension office h/s, docket; "...Colored Cavalry..", View

#156 on 3rd class ad cover w/ encl: "Battles of the War of Rebellion", View

1899, National Blue & Gray, IN, View

GAR cc, w/ ticket, Berwick, PA, View

USA Medical Dept., Ayer, MA, View


1888, Vicksburg Fair, CSA Reunion, View

Nashville, Army and Navy of the Confederacy cc, 1901; Wheeling WV, United Daughters of the Confederacy, View

1917, Memphis, Sons of C. V., View

WWII Patriotic, #805, Jeff Davis, etc., View

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