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U.S. Covers
Southern States

Arkansas         #24 strip (plated), Tremont (DPO, D/L Miller Bluffs),  1860, View

        U26, Richmond,
'61; #11, Hickman's Bend; U163, Good Luck, '83, View

        #26, Hot Springs, '57; U10, Paraclifta; U10, Rondo, View

        U60, Lewisburg (DPO), "ADVERTISED", DLO, View

       Banknotes, Registered: Delroche; Conway: Alston, '84, View

        #206 x 15, Poplar Bluff (DPO) - UK, '86, View

        #304pr, Baterville, '07; #210, Fayetteville, Ad cc; #220, Mead, View

        #300, Texarkana Hotel Ad on patent env, View


Q5 (2) pay registry on 1913 Saint Simons Isl, View


#9strip, Big Cane, View

#24strip, Brown ccl, Laurel Hill, View

U1, Convent, LA to Greenville, SC where turned with 3 x #24 from Pl 5 to ME, View

Two DPOs: Bossier Point; Cotile, View

#114, Belleview, View

Gun ad, forwarded at Irish Bend, View

U1, Alexandria, View

Stampless: Franklin; St Martinsville; Shreveport

CSA #1, Rosedale, content, View

CSA #1 on N Orleans cvr w/Official cc, apparently posted by Gen. Lovell, N.O. commander, addr Gov. of Miss., View

CSA # 1, Shreveport, View

CSA #2, indistinct Port Hudson CDS, View

CSA #2, Clinton, View

CSA #4, Red River Landing, View

CSA #6, Alexandria-red ccl, View

CSA #6pr, Port Hudson, View


Grenada (Gem), View

, View

Livingston, View

Okachickama, View

North Carolina

Stanpless: Wilm. & Raleigh RR, D/L Wilmington, View

South Carolina


Stanpless Gem: Anderson CH, View

Stanpless: Barnwell CH; Rehobeth,  View

Stanpless: Camden, Neg 5, addr (Gov) Butler, View

Stanpless: Charleston, 1815 'War Rate', View

Stanpless: Charleston, "2" circular rate, View

Stanpless: Charleston, D/L Cuba, 1850, View

Stanpless: Columbia, emb lady's cvr;  View

Stanpless: Charleston, D/L Cuba, 1850, View

Stanpless: Charleston (broken "1/2"), D/L Cuba, 1849; Pendleton, 1820View

Transatlantic: Charleston, stampless-Paris; #94 strip(4) - GB, View

Stanpless: SC Rail Road,  View


U9, Calhoun's Mills, View

U3, U6, Charleston; View

#26, Cameo Ad, Charleston, View

#26, 1859 Charleston circ at letter rate due to writing thereon, View

#11, Friendship, 1857, View

#65, Port Royal, due "6", 1863, View

#65, Port Royal, fancy leaf, 1865, View


Bon Air Springs, 1847, View

Brakebill, #209, 220, registry, View

"Ivy Bluff, Tenn/March 31st '70", unlisted town to H. B. Shaw, View

Kingston on U26, just before secession, View

Nashville, 1911 to Azores, View

Shelbyville, early stampless, View

Sparkman, #210, View


Norfolk "Ship", 1810, D/L Madeira, View

Stanpless: Lisbon (early), View

Stampless: Warrenton Octagons, 2 diff., View

Theological Seminary, 3 early uses, View

#9, Fairfield; #24 imprint strip, Mattoax Depot, unlisted town, View

#11A (Pos 99L3, showing 3 frame lines @L), Frederickburg, "via Alexandria", View

#26: Bremo Bluff; Cosby's Store, View

#73, Post-war adversity, View

#114, Blacks and Whites, Gem, View

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