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During WWII

Featuring the collection of Steven Roth

  Recent Additions are listed first in each category

The Prexy cover page also includes some WWI era items


Featured Covers

                     1945, #811(pair), APO 523 (Iran) to APO 758 (UK)     Dec  8, 1941, DC, the day we declared war
                            to Akron (twice forwarded)  OX 23 applied

Additional Categories

WWII Airmail

#603(coil), 830x2-Indai, 1942, WWII_A0126

CE2, Dec 8, 1941, DC, View

1941 Axis censored air:St Paul - Italy, WWII_A_119

#829, to Jamaica, 1943, WWII_A_121

Famous Am. Poets (compl.) + E15 on Waikiki Crosby cvr, HI - PA, '43, WWII_A_118

#811x5, "Ninth Air Force", APO - Chicago, WWII_A_55

#855 + var. commems, Glen Cove - Sweden, WWII_A_47

10ct Fam. Ams-Germany: C24 added for deficiency, View; C24 included, View

C29, NYC - Costa Rica, WWII_A_60

C25, Unusual Patriotic, flag design, WWII_A_61

C29 x2, Dramatic Patriotic, Navy/Honolulu, WWII_A_66

C25, Patriotic, Serviceman search, WWII_A_67

C25, OPA, penalty, WWII_A_54

Aerogram, CA -  British Zone,  - "Civil Censor", 1947, WWII_A_71

#815, 825(2), 832, C30(2) – India, WWII_A_03

C27(9) – Sweden, WWII_A_10

C30(4), C31(2), #815, 825 – India, 1944, WWII_A_18

Censored To Majorca: Lovely multi-franking, Mar 12, 1945, WWII_A_20

C30x2, #815 to Tel-Aviv, WW A 21b

To Tel-Aviv, two covers w/ C22, C29, WWII_A_22

#825, 832, C29, C30(2) – Argentina, WWII_A_26

C27, C30 – Argentina, RTS, WWII_A_27

To Argentina, C29(pairs): San Francisco & Mount Airy, PA, WWII_A_28

C29(pairs) to Uruguay & Chile, WWII_A_33

C27 solo: from APO 384 (Jamaica), WWII_A_38

#698(2) added later to 815(4), Indy, 1939, WWII_A_40

C27, C28, Treasury/Official Business, uncensored to Caracas, WWII_A_41


WWII Surface Mail

#804, 806(pr) on interesting cover to Jerusalem, WWII_S_08

#810(2), 825 – all perfins, reg. to Bombay, '45, WWII_S_14

#811(pair), APO 523 (Iran), twice forwarded, OX 23 applied, Akron, OH, WWII_S_18


WWII Military Mail

Naval Training Film mailer, Prexies, Charleston Naval base, WWII_M_104

C25, Corpus Christie, TX air station, "Pull the Rip-Cord" novelty, WWII_M_102

#820, CnC, Atlantic Fleet cc, "V" killer on penalty env, WWII_M_101

#825,  NY -  Jerusalem, multi censors, 1942,  WWII_M_57

New Caledonia souvenir photos in pack, WWII_M_05

APO 557 “Blue Env.”; WA to RAAF Sgt in UK, RFP, WWII_M_18


Unusual Censor Actions

#634.720.OR-Sudetenland, early Nazi censor, View

Jan, '42, Naval Air Station, Sitka, AK, early Army censor, View

#857(2nd day, Blk of 10)-Ireland, Irish censor, View

#815, Chicago, Dec 1, 1941, addr Manila, turned around, RTS after Pearl Harbor, View

#825, 831, Mar, '41, Pelham, NY-Australia, Not Opened by Censor, View

C24, two covers: to Holland, Italy, with RTS labels, View

#894, three diff. HI Naval station pmks, early '42, View

NFL-Brooklyn, franked by NFL Caribou & U.S. #901, View

1942, US WW2 Patriotic, Iceland-Kokomo, View

#804, 806, IA, '44, Hitler's image: "Unmailable", View

#815, 832, C30-India, "Insurance" H/S, View

#835, Honolulu censor on real photo PPC->OK, View

Black bordered: “US Examiner..” View


By Surface - Service Suspended-To Asia, Africa

#807 on 3ct entire, Portland, OR to Shanghai, WX105, 11/26/41 View

By Surface - Service Suspended-To Europe

#810, DC to Tassin, France, 6/25/42 View

#810, Annapolis to Holland, 12/18/41 View

#815, C29, CA to Italy, '42, View

807,899(2), NYC to Paris, 9/16/42  View

Non-Europe Destinations, FAM22 - Via Atlantic

#831, C29 -India, forwarded there, View

Airmail to the Middle East

Airmail to Palestine

#810(pr), C24x2, NYC-Tel Aviv, via Hong Kong, View


Airmail to Europe (not England, France or Germany)

To Czech: #808,25,C23, Cleveland, OH, 9/11/40; View

To Prague: #892(2),C23(2)+, Portland, OR, 11/4/40; C30, Chicago, 10/20/41 View

C24, Akron, OH to Prague, 7/16/40 View

C24, Alameda-Finland, 7/16/40, Finish Censor, View

C24, Windsor, CT to Greece, View

#830, NYC to Denmark, 10/16/40 View

To Denmark: C24, Pittsburgh, 2/10/41, View

DC to Sweden, forwarded to Finland on multi-franked cover, 1/6/44 View

To Italy:

    #815,C21, NYC, 6/25/40  View

    #796,C19, Los Angeles, scarce rate, 9/2/38 View


8/28/39; #830, Detroit to Poland, WX130 on rev., 12/23/40 View

To Lisbon: C24, NYC, 1/2/41, View

To Iceland, #846x5, 928blk (UN), View

To Romainia: #820, C24, View

To Spain: C25,6,prexies, NYC to Spain, registry, 10/30/44, View

To Spain: C24, Elgin, IL, 9/20/40, View

To Sweden: #810,829, Oakland, CA, 12/4/42; C24, Westerly, RI, 7/23/41 View

To Sweden: C24, Denver, Mourning Cover, 5/25/42, View

                    C30x2, Very Fancy Addr., View

To Sweden: C24(pair), WX105(pr) on rev, Albany, NY, 12/13/41 View

To Switzerland: C7,9, Cornwall, NY, 7/18/40;  #744,C20, NYC, 12/13/40 View

              #820, C24, Mexico, NY, 11/10/42 RTS before posted suspension, View

Prexies to Switzerland: #815,825(3), NYC, 9/14/42, View

                                      #804, 826, 824, OK, 12/7/40, View

                                       #810, 814, 820 on UX27, View

Airmail to England, France or Germany

C25(blk+sgl), Fort Sheridan, IL(boxed killer) to England, 7/15/41 View

To England: C25,27,28, Franklin, MA, 9/11/41 View

To France: #815,20, NYC, 4/25/41, Vichy censor View

To France: C24, Punta Gorda, FL, 7/8/41, Vichy censor View

To France: C24, NYC, 5/2/42 View

To Germany: #815(3) on UX27, Middleboro, MA, 9/4/40 View

To Germany: C8(pair), San Benito, TX, 10/26/40; #820(2); Effingham Falls, NH, 6/16/41 View


Airmail to China, Hong Kong

To China

C21, 22, #820(registry), neat Oregon cover to Shanghai, View

C20 x3, Berkeley, CA to Kwangtung, 3/23/37 View

C9,20,22, Lincoln, NE to Ningpo, Registered w/ r-receipt, Forwarded, 11/15/37 View

#815,25(3), Glendale (sanitarium cc) to Shanghai, 7/8/40 View


Airmail To Asia, Africa (no China/Hong-Kong)

To Africa:

To Morocco, 1944, #815(3) applied then C30, 905 added, then one stamp fell off in transit, View

C30(2), St Louis-Belgian Congo; Multi-searched, RTS, 1940, View

#825, 831, NYC to Cameroun, 6/26/42 View

C31, 815-Cameroun, View

#811x12->India, View

The Pacific:

To New Guinea, 1944, #828(pr) applied after short pay via C26(3), neat airmail label, View

#639, C21(2) on 1ct entire, Lakeside, CA to Manila, 6/6/39  View

#815. 825x3.IN-JavaView

C21 (pair), Guam to CT, 3/25/40 View

C21: HI to IL, 2/3/39; Palo Alto to HI, “ping-pong”, 8/8/38 View

From Honolulu to Philadelphia: C21(2), 6/24/40; C21, 3/6/41, ‘Savings Bonds “S.O.N.  View

From/To Honolulu: #825, San Francisco, 6/9/42; #823,C29, Registry, 9/7/43   View

To Philippines: C22, Los Angeles, 11/23/37 View

To Philippines: C20(3), San Francisco, 1/28/37, View

To South Africa

C30 (2), Greenville, SC, ca 1941 View

 #815, 831x2 pay $110, earlier rate to Johannesburg, View

To The Western Hemisphere

 #888, Knoxville-V.I., View

To Buenos Aires: #810,C9(3)C21, NYC registry, 12/1/39; C21(2), Wilkes-Barre, 12/12/41 View

#814, 924, air-San Salvador

Patriotic Air to Uruguay, #824pr, RTS censor label, View

Brockton, MA newspaper ad, Air to Mexico, #810pr, 815, RTS, View

C21 (2), Berkeley, CA to San Martin, Argentina, 8/6/40 View

#914(pair), Springfield, MA to Bahamas, 3/11/45; C21(pair), NYC, View

#645,827,C23, to United Fruit, 3/39 View


To/From: POWs, Internees, Clandestine Matters

#807 (3), 835 (7), Bronx to Jewish woman in Berlin, 7/31/40 View

Fort Missoula, MT, Examiner's Mark, View

Japanese POW
(from Burma Campaign), formula pc to Sapporo, View

Card, Salt LC  to POW, Germany, ‘45 View

#830, Trinidad, CO, German POW, View

C24, Missoula, MT Detention Camp-Italy, View

From Coolidge, AZ Internment Camp, View

To German POW-McClellan, AL, View

(Free) from GI at Camp: McClean, TX POW camp, 1943 View

Surface to Europe

#842, NYC to Holland, 10/15/40, great PPC, View

#806 on UX27, Apr 20 ('40), Hitler's birthday, View

To Czech: #861,864(2), Oakland, CA, 3/25/40 View

#887, Bronxville, NY to Brussels, 11/5/40 View

#810, NYC (neat French Legion c/c), 8/8/39 to Paris, View

#806,858, Detroit to Hungary, 1/1/40; #810, patriotic c/c, Charlotte, NC to Italy, 7/7/41 View


Surface to Middle East

#810, Miles City, MT to Turkey, 11/24/41, View

#806,7, NYC to Beirut View

#806,7, NYC to Tel-Aviv, 7/7/40 View


Surface to Asia, Africa

#862, Little Rock, AR - Australia View


In Search of Servicemen

#905, "Not at USS Comfort"; #896, Patriotic, very busy search; Cripple Creek, CO - "Hunter Field Georgia Combat Crew Section", View

Mobile, very busy, three pointing hands, View

WWII Patriotics

Liberty Bell, SD from NY DPO, View

"Two Navy" , NC - Italy, '41, View

"Curtains (for the Axis)", TX son to army major, View

End of WWII

#831, ETC, Large wrapper addr Gen MacArthur while in Japan, View

Masonic-Russian Zone, View

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