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        GB #33 on lovely illustrated env, "King of Scots", PFC                            Jaffa, 1860, w/beautifully written account of diplomat who converted to Judaism
                                        $1,500                                                                                                                              Sold                  Laposta Article                             


Liverpool to Baltimore, 1785, View

Grenada to MA, 1798, View

1801, “Edin~” to NYC, View

1803, Antwerp - Philadelphia via L'pool, View, Printed Content

From Orkney Isl., two covers, same correspondence, 1833/44, content, View

1836, Oodooville (Uduvil), Ceylon - NH, mourning border, View

!841, L'pool-NYC, double rate; 1848, same, quad rate, View

1853, Rochester - Maine (Collins), turned and remailed, View

1850, Manchester - Boston, L'pool "42/Cents", View

1854, Scotland - Georgetown, CA via NY, View

1854, Glasgow in YELLOW to NY View

1855, GB to Oswego Cty, NY, via Collins "Atlantic", ms "Unpaid", "34" rating (?), View

1858, London (nice "medals" letterhead) - Boston, View

1861, Blackburn, Vermont Stencil cc, to Rutland, View

1865/6, pair "Vis Queenstown, w/ depreciated currency markings "48/67 & 48/68", View

Victoria, stamped, to Chicago interesting RR marking, View

GB #114, Edinburgh (Hotel cc) - NYC, J26 applied, View

Glasgow to NYC, Registered, 1871, View

GB #33 on lovely illustrated env, "King of Scots", PFC, View

"American Exchange in Europe" h/s, GB-Chicago w/ carrier b/s, View

Bruce Hazelton's via Portland, etc.

Unusual Uses, View

Content, View

From Ireland, View

From Wales, View

From GB to Canada, View

From Canada-GB, View

GB-U.S., via Portland, View      Here are 20+ more of these, View II


1860, Jaffa, via French - Boston, w/ detailed account of diplomat's convert to Judiasm, View, content1, content2, content3, content4

1865 & 1866 to NYC, depr. currency, View

Martinique, 1809. 1810

St Lo, 1845 to DeRuyter, NY (Madison Cty.); Havre, 1864 to NYC, via Liverpool, depr. currency, View

Nice commercial h/s: "Par Steamer/Pr. Las Etats-Unis", 1863 - NYC, View


1852, Havana to Cape Breton via forwarder Robert & Williame, U.S. #26 applied, NYC - Boston - Halifax, View

1864, Wurtemberg to Buffalo, returned w/ official seals of Wurtemberg. View

1864, Hamburg-NYC, scarce 30/62 depreciated currency marking, View


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