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U. S. 1840-60


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#18.20.18, Nebraska City, NE                                 
                                                                        Very Scarce use                                                                    


9X1 (pair), NYC to OH, View

#1, Saratoga Springs, NY, X-Border to Montreal, scarce small town usage, View

#1, Richmond, VA, View

#2, Newark, NJ, PFC, Nice!, View

#6 pays carrier fee to the mails on lovely cover with #17 cover to Coburg, View

#7, Gem Plate 2 strip, Worcester, MA, View

#7, plate 3, 3 singles, View


#7, Pos 10L2, Hampden Sidney, VA w/ #11 strip, View

#8-8A-8A, Peters Creek, PA
(Lan. DPO), View

#9, 8A combos w/ cc from Chicago: View1  View2


#9 strip, pos 93-5L1L, Hopewell, NY (Ont. 1823-04) View

#9 x3, green CDS, Copenhagen, NY (Lewis), PFC, View


#9 strip, pos 31-3R1L, addressed to George Washington of Springfield, VA, annotated by Ashbrook View


Two scarce shades from Philadelphia: #10A, Copper Brown; #11A, Exp. Or. Brown, View

#11 x3 plus #11A x3 pay 6X rate from Mt Airy MD to MA, View

#11, with major crack (9R5L), View

#11, LO2 on Phila Lady's cover, View


#11, Wenona (IN) St. Line ties stamp, View

#11A (Gem mgn copy) on unusual illustrated medical ad cover, View



U1, dramatic shift – including seal. View

U9, Weaverville, CA –France, View

U9, embossed ad for artifical leg. View


U9, unused – shift, U10 w/CA Masonic address. View

U10, MO Express, View


U32, Fiddletown, CA, View





#18, double xfer, View

#18.20.18, Nebraska City, NE, View

#20 x3, very early Pl 2 impressions, NYC cameo cc, View

#20 Pos 5-6L4, Wrapper, View

#21, Franklin, NY,
APEX, View

#23 v-strip, great centering on illus. Philadelphia ad cover, View

#23, Gem single, Detroit, View

#25 first contract, plate #7,  May 6, 1857, DC, View

#26, the rare Orange Brown shade, Kingston, NY, this example is VF View


#26, 1859 Charleston, SC - circ at letter rate due to writing thereon, View

#31, 33, Oroville, CA,

#31, NYC Ocean Mail, stencil ad on rev, View

#34, San Francisco - MA, View



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