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Fancy Cancels

Featured Covers


        #141, on U83 entire, tied by Rosendale, WI, registry                                   #158, Block of 4 overpays 8cent Registry rate
                                Scott $2,100, PFC                                                                                San Francisco, Rare Usage
                                           $650                                                                                                                $350

#136 pair, one without grill, APEX
, View

, Rosendale, WI, registry, View

#151, 158x2, Fancy NY Mask ccl, View

#153, domestic use, Attica, IN. View

#156, 162, registry. View

#158, Block of 4, San Francisco Registry. View

#183, first day of 2ct rate, Oct 1, 1883, Clinton, NY. View

#183 drop, Registry, View

#189, reg., Salt Lake City, PM in CDS, to GB, View

#205 pair, supp. mail to Spain, View

#206 x 15!, AR-UK registry, View

#207P, 209 ME registry, View

#216 Block, Chicago-Germany, View

#217 pair, supp, mail to GB, View

Fancy Cancels

Important Chicago Blue previously "Not Verified", on nice ad cover, View

TR-W17 on #178 on U218 entire, View

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