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U. S. Columbians - 1st Bureau – Trans-Miss


Registered wrapper to Germany, includes 5ct minimum fee for "Commercial Papers"


#230, NC-Ottawa, image of witch,

#232 block, Phila registry, proper, View

#237, New Milford, CT registry, PM named, View

#246, 247, same cover, Baltimore,

#255, 270 on one cover, View

#246, 250, 255 on Stockton, CA-Toronto
, View

#272, 281, Brigham, UT - Tahiti, San Francisco Reg. Label,

U350 (double impression), #234x2, MA,

U350, Phila-London, due, PFC, View


#264 block on wrapper, View


#268 block of 4 on 2ct entire, Newton MA Registry (w/ scarce San Francisco label) to New Zealand. Terrific usage!, View

#274, NE-IA, View

#275 single on wrapper, APEX, View

#275, 284, 279 pays 33x rate from GA stamp dealer, View

#279, 279B, 283, Registry to Japan, Tacoma Exchange Label, View

#281 pair, used in Edinburgh, View

#281, CT-Sierra Leone, RTS, View

#283 on W357, registry to Germany, View


#287 solo, Oakland Hotel, View

#287 solo 3rd class, View

#288, Duluth-Poland, View

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We have many more Columbians, 1st Bureau and Trans-Miss covers in stock. Please send an email with your interests.


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