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Outgoing, Foreign Destination


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          Lovely #68 New Orleans to Barcelona, Spain Gem!                                 Manchester, NH to Aden, Arabia, 1856
                                            $850                                                                                                         $425

Stampless Use

NYC to London,
1767, Both Bishop's Marks, View

Boston to London Coffee House, 1811, View

Phila to Liverpool, 1824, "Montezuma" H/S, content, ViewContent1Content2

New Bremen, O. to Prussia, 1840, View

Sunfish, O (DPO) - Bern, View

1848 Retaliatory rate-Cognac, View

Attractive NYC-Marseilles, 1860; Bladensburg, MD (DPO), via Boston-Sardinia, 1854, View

On Havre's "Arago", 1857; Bares, OH (DPO)-Bern, View


Alton, IL to Jersey, 1849, View

Humphreysville, O (DPO) - Beirut, View

Boston to London, F'wd to Cadiz, 1854, View


Belvidere, IL to Ireland, retaliatory rate, 1848, View


Manchester (NH) to Aden Arabia. View

Cincinnati, 1853; Burlington, Wis, 1856 - Wurtemberg, View

St Louis-Wurtemberg, Am Pkt, View


1859, Sherman CT to Germany, PCM, View


Stamped, 1840-1869 Issues

#9, 11A, 14 pair, neat cover to Liverpool, View


#17 Pair VF (!!) to Liverpool, View


#35x2 - Mexico, Lovely!, PFC, View


#26a, 8A pair, #13, 1856 mixed franking, Millidgeville, GA to France. View


#26 pays domestic leg on 1858 cover, Bethlehem, PA to Zurich. View

#37 x 2, 1861, VF Boston cover to Scotland, 7/31/61. View  Content a, Content b

#63 with other values,to France, View


#63 single, carrier to the mails to GB, View

#68 to Mexico, hand carried from Scotland, View


#68, New Orleans - Barcelona, Spain, Gem!, View

#78, Portland Exchange Office to Birmingham, View

#78, Galena, IL to Scotland, Via Montreal, View

#87 New York to Dublin, forwarded there to Scotland via GB #33, View

UX6, Destinations

DC (B-Fyke)-Chile, View

DC-Java, View

San Francisco-Japan, View

Berkeley-Japan, View

NYC-Madeira, View

NYC-Nicaragua, View

San Francisco, Ad-Nicaragua, View

San Francisco (Leavitt)-Berlin, View

NYC-Uruguay, View

Syracuse-Western Siberia, View

Stamped, 1870-Through 20th Century Issues

#147, 160, San Francisco - France, "Overland", Lovely!, View

#189, reg. SLC, UT (PM CDS) - England, View

#268, 270, sub station registered lady's cover to Italy, View

U348, unsealed printed matter to Sierra Leone, View


#319 Honolulu on Japanese PPC, View



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