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U.S. Covers

    Pre War Rate

    War Rates (new)

    Restored Rates

New Material

Note: Letters have been applied to these images for easier identification

  Pre - War Rates

Boston, 1744
("B Sh 7.16"), New York, 1747 ("NY Sh 3 : 16"), Boston, 1748, ("Bo 2/4"),View


Boston, 1748
("Bo 2/4"), 1750 ("Bo 2/6")  Content, New York-London, 1753 ("SHIP  11"), View

Boston, "4", 1786, New York 1760
(Gem: "NEW/YORK" type "A" ), Boston, 1761 ("Bos 7"), View

New York, 1786 (rate), Boston, 1791 (rate), New York, 1791 (Go), View
  Phila, 1786 (wine), Baltimore ca 1791, re-rated, View

NEW York, rare '62-69 marking, Baltimore, 1789, View


  Boston Sh, 1798 (Jamaica, content), Baltimore, 1797, triple, View

Baltimore (Bold Strike), 1794, View


Baltimore, 1797 (Haiti) content, 1798 (bold strike), View

Canandaigua, 1796, Boston, 1794, Baltimore, 1795 (red), View

            The following show VF strikes or better uses:


NY Ship (St Sebastian), 1805,  View

Fayetteville, NC, 1803; Phila (Teneriffe, content), 1804, View

  Delhi, NY, 1809, View

  War Rates (new)

Wm'port, MD, doubleView
New York (150-300mi), double, View

   Restored Rates

W'port, MD, single & double, Frederick, MD,  View

Boston, Fairfield, CT,  View

Baltimore (double), Leicester, MA, Acton, MA, View

Trenton, View

Older Stock

Boston, 1746, 1744, View

1746, Rotterdam, carried by unlisted forwarder to Phila, posted, View

Boston, 1748, (B 2/4 with inflation factor) to Newport, RI, View

Boston (Large h/s), 1773, View

Boston, 1783, two: Portsmouth; Providence, two diff. rates, View

1786, Portsmouth, NH straight line cancel, VF. View

Portsmouth-Boston, 1787, View  Content

Boston, 1790 (NYC currency noted), 1791 - NYC, View

Boston, 1791 (3 dwt) - Phila; 1793 to Newburyport (8ct), View

Boston, 1797 to Newport, RI (sh 14), View

Boston, 1797 (Sh 12)- Newburyport, View

1809 (EKU of CDS, 17ct) to Bath, ME, View

Dist. of Maine Election results, 1791, View

Bordenton (NJ),1790, content, View

NYC-Columbia, SC, $1.50 rate, ca 1800,  View

1786, 1800, endorsed w/ ship captains, View

Baltimore, 1794, "BALE" w/dot, in Red, unlisted, View

1804, Harrisburgh, PA fancy CDS, “PAID” (very early for this!), Nice strikes and rare.


New York, ca 1798-02, 6 x rate ($1.50) to Columbia, SC, View


War Rates


Baltimore, 7 different rates; View

Bernardstown, MA, View

Concord, MA, View

Haverhill, MA, View

Plymouth, MA, View

Sturbridge, MA, View

Concord, NH, View

D/L "Service" (many years before PO), Pittsburgh pmk, content, View, Content

Litchfield, CT (3 examples), View

Hartford, CT, View

Exeter, NH, View

Nashville, View

Canandaigua, NY, View

Geneva, NY, View

Martinsburg, (NY), View

Grey, ME, 2 x 40 mile rate, View

Warren, ME, View

 Charleston, SC, View



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