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U.S. Covers

Stampless Domestic, Post 1816 “War Rate”



Steamboat Mail: Great Lakes  (From Steve Roth's Collection)

Recent acquisitions-many great strikes & uses

Circulars, etc.

Historic Correspondence

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            Colerain, Ohio, Gem example of famous Quaker dated h/s                                      1823, Versailles, KY, "18 3/4" in brown

                                                        $575                                                                                                                                                           $425

Recent acquisitions-many great strikes & uses

Note: Letters have been applied to these images for easier identification

Albany, 1843, Quad rate, View

Painesville, PA, Troy, NY (triple), View

Westchester, PA, NY Ship (Liverpool), 1843, View

Canandaigua, NY (Oddball), View

Older Stock:

1823, Versailles, KY, "18 3/4" in brown, View

Lebanon, OH, 1825, great strike of oval rope, View

1826, Utica NY, boxed, fancy “FREE”, VF, View

ca 1830, Canton NY, wrapper to VT at 1 1/2 ct rate, very scarce, View


1830, Easton, PA Straight line, VF, to governor, content: decrying qualifications of nominee for supreme court. View

Basking Ridge, NJ, St Line, View


Colerain, O, Quaker dated, Gem, View

Cleveland, O, 6 x rate, View

Forwarded by the Naval Lyceum to "Frigate Potomac"/Rio de Janiero, Gem, View

Circulars, etc

1 1/2 ct newspaper rate
(>100 miles), Canton, NY, View


Historic Correspondence:

Covers to and related to John McLean, (1785-1861), PMG, Justice of the Supreme Court.

Biography, View

Columbus DO:  Wm McLean to John as PMG , 1828, View   Content1  Content2  Content3

Lebanon, O., 1827
to John as PMG, View, Content

Greensburgh, KY, 1831 to Judge McLean soliciting use of stage line, View
,  Content

Louisville, 1827, Sarah Rebecca Taylor (granddaughter) to Rebecca McLean (wife), View, Content1  Content2


Many more stampless in stock. Most states represented. Please send an email with your interests.


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