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U.S. Covers

Stampless Domestic, Post 1816 “War Rate”



Steamboat Mail: Great Lakes  (From Steve Roth's Collection)

Circulars, etc.

Historic Correspondence

Featured Covers


            Colerain, Ohio, Gem example of famous Quaker dated h/s                                      1823, Versailles, KY, "18 3/4" in brown

                                                        $575                                                                                                                                                           $425

1823, Versailles, KY, "18 3/4" in brown, View

1826, Utica NY, boxed, fancy “FREE”, VF, View

ca 1830, Canton NY, wrapper to VT at 1 1/2 ct rate, very scarce, View


1830, Easton, PA Straight line, VF, to governor, content: decrying qualifications of nominee for supreme court. View

Basking Ridge, NJ, one of two known, View


Colerain, O, Quaker dated, Gem, View

Cleveland, O, 6 x rate, View
Boston, 1852, unlisted "18/CENTS" h/s for 3 x rate to CA, View

Circulars, etc

1 1/2 ct newspaper rate
(>100 miles), Canton, NY, View


Historic Correspondence:

Covers to and related to John McLean, (1785-1861), PMG, Justice of the Supreme Court.

Biography, View

Many of these are very interesting from a pure postal history viewpoint and incl: markings, rates & multiple forwarding with towns noted below:

Columbus DO:  Wm McLean to John as Supreme Ct justice, 1828, View

Greensburgh, KY, 1831; Louisville, 1827 , View


Many more stampless in stock. Most states represented. Please send an email with your interests.


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