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Fancy Cancels

Featured Covers


        #141, on U83 entire, tied by Rosendale, WI, registry                                   #158, Block of 4 overpays 8cent Registry rate
                                Scott $2,100, PFC                                                                                San Francisco, Rare Usage
                                           $650                                                                                                                $350

, Rosendale, WI, registry, View

#151, 158x2, Fancy NY Mask ccl, View

#153, domestic use, Attica, IN. View

#154, single use on DC, domestic usage. View

#156, 162, registry. View

#158, Block of 4, San Francisco Registry. View

#183, first day of 2ct rate, Oct 1, 1883, Clinton, NY. View

#183 drop, Registry, View

#189, reg., Salt Lake City, PM in CDS, to GB, View

#206 x 15!, AR-UK registry, View

#210 on 3ct entire, Andover MA to Jerusalem, 1884. Scarce usage. View

Fancy Cancels

Nice lot of NYC drops, all with "NYFM" type killers, View

Important Chicago Blue previously "Not Verified", on nice ad cover, View

Fancy 1, View  Fancy 2, View  Fancy 3, View

Fancy 14, View  Fancy 15, View  Fancy 16, View  Fancy 17, View  Fancy 18, View  Fancy 19, View  Fancy 20, View

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