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Trump could have done better; but this says that whatever he did was more prescient than what the dems offered early on:

My letter to City Council,
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This doctor has a solution to the best compromise between our economy and our safety,

Joe Biden's "Me Too" moment,

Trump & Fauci->classic press bias,

Another colonial letter. Maryland needs powder and guns,
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Jimmy Carter saw danger in mail-in voting
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A premier biology journal says the virus can’t be tied to China, View

This went to the Boulder Mayor today:

"Dear Mayor Weaver,

Yesterday I played golf at the Todd Creek course. They have modified the play format (walking only, don't touch the flag sticks and no rakes in the traps) and some of the amenities (no water or ball washing stations) at the course to ensure separation and general safety re: virus exposure. The players were spread out quite far apart.

Given the fact that golfers are 'rules obeying' creatures and are generally followers of strict etiquette as well, it boils down to a reasonable accommodation.

Boulder should emulate Todd Creek and open the Flatirons course.


Kim does a good job on the obvious today: View

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A Failure of Discipline Under Capt. Crozier’s Command,
Ex FDA Commissioner opines on fixing the virus,

Suggested bridge/golf trip in July, View

        Of course, they have not put the program together as yet. And, this is just a sectional (where we should kick ass) but nearby there is a good golf resort,  View

        and one feature of the town is: museum

        and nearby: National Park Service